Setting Some November Goals

November Goals. Copyright of Monsterful Mama

Guess who’s back?!? YAY! It’s good to be back. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those who have stuck around.

It has been a long, hard two months being back at work full time, but now I am finally free. I’ll be working part time doing supply teaching so I’ll have so much more time to spend with my family and to blog. For me, giving up my secure job was a tough choice to make but one that needed to be made. When you start a family, your priorities shift greatly. Compromise is no longer an option when it comes to those you love the most. So I have many things planned in the coming months when it comes to spending time with my little family. We’ve recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary so we made sure to make it a special one that included our beautiful little girl. Zosia’s first Christmas is fast approaching and we want to make it one to remember, even if she wont! We’re planning more days out and about and I plan on attending more mum and baby groups in my local area.

Blog wise, I have so many posts to catch up on but to start lets think about setting November’s blogging goals.

  1. Catch up on brands posts and correspondences (sorry if you are a brand that’s reached out and I haven’t got back to you, you were always in my thoughts I promise!)
  2. Catch up on Bullet Journal things and blogging about it
  3. Write an update post for Zosia
  4. Christmas ideas for baby and you
  5. Baby Led Weaning – our experiences so far (possibly some recipe ideas too)

That’s only five points but it is a lot of work. I am looking forward to getting on with some things now as I have been chomping at the bit. Along side these blogging goals I would like to work on a few personal goals too.

  1. Cook food from scratch so that Zosia can eat what we eat.
  2. Start doing Yoga regularly again, either at home or part of a group.
  3. Get organised for Christmas – including hand making gifts and decorations.

So,  that’s it for me, what have you got planned for November? Are you as excited for Christmas as we are?

Much love,

Monsterful Mama

An Apology

So, let’s start off with a small apology.  Since returning to work earlier this month, the blog has taken a massive hit.  Being a mum and working full time is as difficult as you’d imagine.  Despite not having the full range of teacher duties (marking, planning, data and assessment etc.) I still find that I have very little time left, and the little time I do have is spent with Baby and Daddy. The house is getting untidy, it is driving me mad but Daddy is also a full time worker so as you can imagine, it’s a struggle.  Of course it is about prioritising and unfortunately, a tidy house is not high up on the list.  That’s not to say that I live in a pig sty, this is purely my inability to deal with my interpretation of untidiness. We’ve barely got time for each other but our relationship is as strong as ever so we’ll manage as we always do.  We will soon be celebrating our first wedding anniversary, so that is something to look forward to.


Anyway, like I said, sorry for not being so active at the moment.  I am hoping to be able to pick up the pace again after the October half term as I’ll be looking for a new job or, fingers crossed, already in a new part time job.  Life will always find a way over the bumps.  Perseverance is key.

Now, what should you look forward to between now and Christmas? Well, I have a few sponsored posts coming up, my first ever bloggers event, plenty of autumn, winter, Halloween and Christmas themed posts as well as a couple more in my ‘Mummy Rants’ series. I will also be looking at writing about our first year of marriage. I am planning on doing another spotlight post featuring my sister.  She is an awesome freelance illustrator.  I’ll also be doing a few other posts based around mindfulness, bullet journals etc. So keep an eye out for the next few months.

Again, thanks for sticking with me during this slight down time.  I will be back with a vengeance soon enough.  It means a lot to me that you’re all still here.


Peace and love,

Monsterful Mama




Setting Goals for August

DSC_0900 (2)
Set Goals N Crush Them. Copyright Monsterful Mama

Okay, so I know I am a bit late to this but hey, a girls got goals all month long! I didn’t really have many goals last month as it was the first full month of my blog. I didn’t really know what was likely to happen. This month I’ve set myself a few blogging goals as well as a few personal ones. Goal setting is key to helping beat procrastination. I am terrible when it comes to procrastination, especially if the task is work related. Suddenly the washing up becomes of utmost importance or I need to reply to everyone on social media. If it’s not doing the work, I’ll be doing it.

So my goals for the blog this month are:

  • Increase followers on social media
    • up to 700 on Instagram (link)
    • up to 200 on facebook page
    • up to 200 on pinterest
    • up to 500 on twitter
  • Improve numbers on blog
    • Get 2000 views this month
    • Get 1000 visitors this month
  • Write a bank of posts for when I return to work in September
    • Schedule posts to Instagram and Pinterest for this too
    • Create a bank of images to use for this
  • Set up email address
    • Set up email subscriptions on the blog
    • Figure out how to do this by asking hubby
  • Get in contact with baby brands that I can work with
    • Make a list of brands that I want to work with
    • Create email to send out to companies
DSC_0899 (2)
Make it Happen. Copyright Monsterful Mama.

My personal goals for this month are:

  • Getting off my arse!
    • Try to reach step goal more often
    • Try to exercise at least twice a week to start with
    • Try to incorporate yoga and meditation into exercise routine
    • Make a spread in personal bullet journal to track measurements and weight
  • Make more watercolour prints
    • To sell on Etsy of not, not sure if people with want that yet…
    • Make some more for baby room
  • Make more effort with my appearance
    • Like seriously! I look a mess nearly everyday!

Okay, so most of these goals are more like tasks on a to do list but it doesn’t matter. If they get ticked off, at least I have achieved them. What goals will you set yourself this month?
Thanks for reading.

Monsterful Mama