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Name: Michelle

Location: London, UK

Wanderer: By way of Kent, UK

Likes:  milky coffee, early mornings, spring, a wild garden, muted colours, crafting and creating, video games, learning new skills, taking pictures, unicorns, mildfulness, washi-tape, brush pens, water colours, planners and bullet journals.

Dislikes: mushrooms, tea, being chunky but not funky, people who mispronounce my baby’s name, bright luminous colours, changing the bins, being called stupid, skinny people at the gym, pop music and inconsiderate vapers and smokers.

My name is Mummy or Mama, which ever my daughter decides to say first really.  I am married to an amazing man and his name is Daddy or Dada.  We have a beautiful little girl called Zosia or Zoshborg.  It’s more like Josh with a Z and without ua, just and a (Zosh – a). The amount of people that say it wrong baffles me.  We knew it might be tricky but it’s like nobody has watched an episode of Holby City before! I’m 32. I’m shorter than I’d like to be and fatter too but hey, I like food and hate exercise, so nobody to blame but myself really.   I’ve been a mum since February 2017 and although some days are tough, I love it.

The main purpose for this blog is really just an outlet for a tired supply teacher who has recently become a very tired mummy and that likes to get creative.  I prefer to use brush pens, water colour paints and bullet journals as my creative outlet these days but am currently working through a plan to make and sell prints on Etsy.
My ideal day would be one that starts with a happy, smiling baby girl. We would spend time playing and laughing, going for walks in parks which would be followed with a bit of mummy time. I would use the time to create prints and blog posts. At the end of the day, Zosia would be snuggled up in bed and I would be snuggled up on the sofa with Daddy. It sounds so simple but is utterly perfect for our little family.


I hope to share the trials and tribulations that I’ll face through my journey into motherhood and beyond.  So, I hope you join us along for the ride and that you may enjoy it as much as we do.

Peace and love,

Monsterful Mama

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