Mama Rants 2 – Parent Parking Bays


So, today’s rant is bought to you by ‘twats that park in parent parking bays’.

So many times I’ve gone into town or to the local supermarket and stupidly driven down to the parent parking bays expecting to find a space. It’s silly of me to assume there will be any available spaces for us because it is quite obvious that the generously sized spaces that are conveniently located close to the store entrance are very enticing to some (lazy) people. Now, let me set this straight, this is not a parking ‘faux pas’. This is down right lazy and irresponsible. Most recently we witnessed a woman casually drive into a parent parking bay (she didn’t even straighten her car up – I also hate people that park REALLY lazily!). I watched and waited to see if she would try to get a pushchair out of the back of her car. She did not. She was wearing gym clothes so I assume her workout was so intense that she could not walk the few extra steps from a normal parking bay.

‘Won’t somebody please think of the children?!’

I’m honestly not sure why on earth you would do this. Are people really that lazy? Do they even realise the hassle of trying to get a baby or toddler out of a normal bay? The spacing in parent parking bays, or even a disabled bays are much bigger than normal parking bays for a reason. Not so you can haul your tired, post workout butt out of your car and so you can walk fewer steps to the shop. They are separated by a walkway for a reason, so that we can park and have clear access to our boots without the hassle of some twat who has parked right up our jacksie! They are placed closer to the shop so that there is less danger to any small children that may be walking to the shop with us. With cars reversing in and out of bays, many without double checking, the car park is an extremely hazardous place for littlies.

This young lady was not the first, nor will she be the last offender. Men are just as bad. I’ve seen countless men sitting in the parent bays, no child seat in sight, having a ciggi and a chat. These spaces are not a layby – if you need to pull up for a cigarette, do it somewhere else. I do not want my children having to breathe in your cancerous fumes. I am not sure how people can be so inconsiderate. Anyway, does anybody really know the law around these parking bays. We all know that you should get a parking fine if you park in a disabled bay without a blue badge and get caught (HA! I wish more people would get caught out by this!), but is there even a law or any rules to parking in parent bays? If not, should there be?

Should the government be able to ticket people who are taking up our parking spaces?

Well, after having a quick Google, it would appear that there is no law that is being broken (why on earth not?) when people do this. Although there are some leading supermarkets that apply their own set of rules for this (yay). The problem being, is how can they really enforce this rule without the help of the government? According to one source (, Asda have been known to hand out a Parking Charge Notice (not to be confused with a fine) to offenders for up to £50. This is however, fairly easy to avoid paying. Other supermarkets have their own rules in place but are quite relaxed about it.

So the question is, should the government; local council or even the police, be able to issue fines to people who are taking up our parking spaces? I think the answer has to be yes, not just for the sakes of us poor parents struggling to get a parking spot, but also so they can make more money to be able to fix the roads (pothole season is nearly upon us people), so that they can get more people out in car parks to help enforce parking issues and eventually make more money for the police departments (or Theresa May and her cronies back pockets more like) so they can better police our streets.


As fairly new parents, I would like to add that for us it is purely about the space needed to get baby out of the car safely. We don’t mind having to walk a bit to the shop. We are the kind of people that even before we had our baby, we would park far away (less opportunity for simple folk to ding our car doors) from the shop entrance. I hate having to leave the push chair base at the back of the car in the road whilst I try to navigate a tight space to get Zosia out. I worry that somebody will try to steal the base, or the nappy bag etc. I am not silly enough to leave my handbag on the pushchair. I worry that if I try to put the shopping in the car first, somebody will either hit the pushchair or try to snatch her. I shouldn’t have to be worried about these things. I should be able to have my pushchair beside my car, not worrying about dinging the car next me or anything else, and safely get my baby into my car. Is that really too much to ask for?

I would love to hear about your parking woes (yes, I know it sounds dull) so let me know in the comments. Also let me know what you think about expectant mothers using these bays. Should they be catered for in these bays or have their own?


Monsterful Mama

12 thoughts on “Mama Rants 2 – Parent Parking Bays

  1. Before Amelia, I never really appreciated how important these bays are to mummies and children, but now it infuriates me when I see people parking in them without any sign of a child. I have had many arguments in just her 9.5 months of life with some of those ‘lazy’ people (and if not, then at least a grimacing stare!). I definitely think there should be some sort of enforcement. Mummies/Mummies-to-be should get a badge whilst they are pregnant to display in their car which should then be valid for at least 5 years. People who do not display this badge should be penalised accordingly!

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  2. This is a great post! I really don’t think people understand how important and mostly frustrating this is until they have children and have to cart the buggy, baby and shopping around! This honestly gets on my nervous – it is pure laziness! I think that they should definitely be fined if people ignore the fact that the bays are for people with children – K xx

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  3. I loved reading this. I totally agree with you – I’d happily park on the other side of the car park if it meant no one would steal the parent and child bays! As a first time Mum I get so anxious parking with enough space to get my son out, so I really do appreciate having these parking spaces so it’s easier for us parents… I hate seeing people using these spaces when they’re not entitled to.

    Sarah |

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  4. There have only been a few times I have used these bays without my children and I had a bloody good reason. I would take my dad who had terminal cancer to a local superarket cafe a few times a week as he liked to get out and just see people. The disabled bays were always full and there was no way I could get his wheel chair and him out of the car in a normal bay. All the people with children I came accross at the time were completely sypathetic as to why I had no choice but to use the bays.

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  5. I hate people who park in these spots. Prior to Ben we didn’t dream of parking in them, but maybe as my MIL is disabled we already knew the requirement for a specific spot in a car park. I agree that something needs to be done as it’s getting beyond a joke. I don’t care for the extra place to walk, but I do care if I whack a neighbouring car and scratch it accidentally because some idiot has taken our extra space!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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  6. I’m not a mother nor a driver, so this post wouldn’t exactly relate to me but reading this I can understand completely where you are coming from. If I knew how to drive, had a child then I would be outraged at having to deal with some inconsiderate humans stealing the parking bays that aren’t meant for them. Guess laziness is a better option than consideration I guess.

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