Setting Goals for August

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Set Goals N Crush Them. Copyright Monsterful Mama

Okay, so I know I am a bit late to this but hey, a girls got goals all month long! I didn’t really have many goals last month as it was the first full month of my blog. I didn’t really know what was likely to happen. This month I’ve set myself a few blogging goals as well as a few personal ones. Goal setting is key to helping beat procrastination. I am terrible when it comes to procrastination, especially if the task is work related. Suddenly the washing up becomes of utmost importance or I need to reply to everyone on social media. If it’s not doing the work, I’ll be doing it.

So my goals for the blog this month are:

  • Increase followers on social media
    • up to 700 on Instagram (link)
    • up to 200 on facebook page
    • up to 200 on pinterest
    • up to 500 on twitter
  • Improve numbers on blog
    • Get 2000 views this month
    • Get 1000 visitors this month
  • Write a bank of posts for when I return to work in September
    • Schedule posts to Instagram and Pinterest for this too
    • Create a bank of images to use for this
  • Set up email address
    • Set up email subscriptions on the blog
    • Figure out how to do this by asking hubby
  • Get in contact with baby brands that I can work with
    • Make a list of brands that I want to work with
    • Create email to send out to companies
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Make it Happen. Copyright Monsterful Mama.

My personal goals for this month are:

  • Getting off my arse!
    • Try to reach step goal more often
    • Try to exercise at least twice a week to start with
    • Try to incorporate yoga and meditation into exercise routine
    • Make a spread in personal bullet journal to track measurements and weight
  • Make more watercolour prints
    • To sell on Etsy of not, not sure if people with want that yet…
    • Make some more for baby room
  • Make more effort with my appearance
    • Like seriously! I look a mess nearly everyday!

Okay, so most of these goals are more like tasks on a to do list but it doesn’t matter. If they get ticked off, at least I have achieved them. What goals will you set yourself this month?
Thanks for reading.

Monsterful Mama


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