My Liebster Award



Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.

Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you.

Nominate some blogs.

Give them some questions to answer.

Thanks to Vanessa Jones for my first nomination.

Answering Vanessa’s questions

  1. Describe how did you first get into blogging?

    I’ve always kept diaries and journals and even a few old on-line journal things so creating a blog was the next step I guess.  I also needed something to stop my mind from turning to mush whilst on maternity leave.

  2. What would be your ideal working environment?

    Either on my own in a well lit space (hate working in darkness) or at a huge table with like minded people, preferable with a bottomless mug of coffee.

  3. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

    I would like to get back to losing weight ideally.  Otherwise it’s to continue with my personal growth much the same as I have done so far this year.  To keep creating and being mindful, and enjoying motherhood.

  4. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

    I always used to be a quitter, I never had the faith in myself so I would give up at the first sign of trouble.  Now I try my hardest to not let one bump in the road stop me.  As a mother you soon realise that there is no quitting, you cannot give up because your baby needs you 24/7.

  5. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?

    Well, I have to say my daughter and my relationship with her daddy. Those two are my world and to have maintained such an empowering relationship with my husband is definitely one of my biggest achievements. From a career point of view, sticking with university and becoming a teacher. Despite wanting to give up several times throughout training, I kept on going.

  6. Who takes the majority of your photos?

    Me, my degree is in photography but that doesn’t mean I am any good at taking photos!  I mostly use my phone too.

  7. How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

    My personal style ranges from scummy mummy to Wednesday Addams. Black and baggy can hide a flabby tummy and large arse! I don’t keep up with fashion for many reasons.

  8. Which movie or book do you think is ridiculously overrated?

    Um, I’d have to say Star Wars (runs and takes cover). I know that’s not going to be a popular opinion amongst some of my followers but I managed to avoid the Star Wars series my whole life, until I met my husband who then subsequently made me

    watch the whole lot, in chronological order no less. Now, I wont go so far as to say they are terrible films, they’re watchable over a half term holiday kinda film but I just don’t get why they are so cult like!!

  9. Who would you most like to sit next to on a 10 hour flight and why?

    Can I get away with saying my husband again? If not him then well, an empty seat please. I’m not big on small talk and I spend most of the flight with my nose pressed against the tiny window so I wouldn’t be much company myself.

  10. What are two things you think you should know how to do but don’t?

    Um, put up a shelf properly and apply CSS to my blog without asking my husband.

  11. What makes you say “What was I thinking?” when you look back on your life?

    HA! Most of my ex boyfriends! Or how much I wasted most of my 20’s being drunk and skint.

My Nominees

Now, I chose these bloggers specifically because they have something in common with me. Be it parenting, gaming, reading, geekiness or creativity.


    Mommy Diaries, Space Writer, Graduate Space & Mechanical Engineer.


    Stephanie is a mum, a wife, and blogs about her battle with mental illness.


    KLaCole is a 20 something book and travel blogger.


    Mel is mum to Sosi, sharing recipes and advice for children with allergies.


    Cherie is a Mumpreneur with a pretty blog!


    Melissa runs her parenting blog for blended families.


    Imani is a super Kawaii artist.


    Hayleigh is a mum, lover of books, crafts, Disney, music, all things considered as ‘geeky‘ and gin.

My questions for you:

  1. How did you come up with your blog name?

  2. What websites do you use most often?

  3. What are you most afraid of?

  4. What quirks do you have?

  5. Which Friends character do you relate to most?

  6. List 3 things you need more of.

  7. What Job do you think you’d be really good at and why?

  8. Who is your favourite blogger/vlogger?

  9. What are you most looking forward to in the next ten years?

  10. How do you add value to the world and those around you?

  11. Finish this sentence. I am the best version of me when …

Thanks for being apart of this! I look forward to reading your replies so don’t forget to tag me in them so I can read your answers!.

Monsterful Mama.

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