Mama Rants!

So there are many things that bug me in this world, because you know, I am human. For example; the lack of support from the government as a teacher, the old ‘I’m not racist/sexist/homophobic etc. BUT...’ line, judgemental people, trash TV like Love Island/Big Brother etc., the Conservative Party being in power, men who wear flip flops or shoes without socks etc., people that park in front of your driveway regardless of the drop curb or even on your drive! I mean, the cheek of it.  I think you get what I mean.  I could go on of course but that would be boring.  But there is one thing of late that’s really starting to get on my nerves.  Mum memes that imply all mums are raging alcoholics!


I mean, why does every meme insist that to ‘survive’ her children a woman must drink copious amounts of wine?  WTF is that all about anyway?  Are people implying that as women, we can’t cope with the everyday pressures of motherhood?  I mean, yeah the worlds a pretty F’d up place at the moment, what with the likes of Donald Trump and Theresa May being in charge of entire countries (I know right!) but do people really still live with that kind of low level sexism?  We are currently being bombarded with sexist discrimination in the work place.  The BBC and its inequality in salaries between men and women is a hot topic on the news and social media at the moment.  Equality in the work place is very important.  Inequality is not something I’ve had to deal with but I fully support the women of the BBC in their quest.




It just frustrates me more than anything because it kind of belittles the mental well-being of mums.  We can’t cope, so we must drink.  Not one ounce of support for any mother struggling.  No words of advice for us.  It makes me feel like our mental health as mothers is just a bit of a joke.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just over thinking this as a person that chooses not to drink alcohol.  I’m not here to bash mums who do have a drink at the end of the day, I just cant understand why this meme has become so popular.  Would I be as offended if it implied that as a mother all I need is a slice of cake (let’s be real, it would be the whole damn cake!) to get me through the day?  Or maybe even coffee. Coffee I would understand as we are mostly sleep deprived.  But also, why are there no memes that imply dad needs a beer after a few hours alone with the kids?  Is it because he is a man, he can ‘cope’?  Does he not suffer from mental illness because he is a man?  I think men’s mental health is a discussion for another day but you get my point.

Anyway, I hope I am not alone in this thought.  Let me know if you often reach for a bottle of wine or you also feel the same.  Remember that as a mother, you are never alone.  There are millions of us out here if you ever need a rant.  We know exactly what you are going through.


Monsterful Mama

17 thoughts on “Mama Rants!

  1. I do agree with your thoughts. As a mum of grown children, I miss those days when their problems were as little as they were and I was able to solve them all. Children are not an inconvenience to be put up with, but a blessing to be enjoyed. They thought that one needs to be a little drunk to endure them is sad to me. Children are a lot of work, but don’t we all know that going in? Very good thoughts my dear.

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  2. I understand where you’re coming from, although I do love wine! With emotional issues after my second-child though, I can tell you we have a long ways to go to understanding women’s health post-partum without blaming women for being crazy or irrational.

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    1. I’ve had my own issues with binge drinking before I met my husband. I know it had a major impact on my mental health so not long after I met hubby, I gave it up! I couldn’t imagine how difficult life would be now if I relied on alcohol still.


  3. Without even being a mom, I totally understand your frustration and anger. I would like to know, if the person who created these memes are women or men, just because the gender would make the difference. Because if a woman really thinks that wine is the only solution to raise a kid without getting mentally destroyed than I wonder why she does not search for other solutions, which does not include the possibility of being an alcoholic. Another thing, which is very critical: How would this child feel if it knows that his or her mother was not able to raise it without her mental health suffering? I would be totally sad if my mother claimed to be frustrated by raising me.
    Thank you for this post, this was necessary because I think that people have to think twice if the meme they are sharing isn’t attacking others on their weak point.

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  4. I think having a laugh and a joke through motherhood gets me through it better than I would being serious 24/7. Very interesting post! I’m not one to go straight for the wine after a hard day at work or with my little boy but I do enjoy a drink to un-wind and be me! Whether that brings out my inner child, then so be it. I think everyone agrees that each to their own and I can only comment on my lifestyle and that is that I do laugh my way through it. Wrong way or right way I do not know. Time will tell.
    I love how in depth tour writing goes 🙂 look forward to reading more x

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  5. YES YES YES! As both a mother and also a person who chooses not to drink alcohol, these infuriate me. Mainly because they reinforce the idea that having kids is something that requires a ‘coping technique’. I mean, don’t get me wrong, parenting is TOUGH, and sometimes, yes, a burden. But it’s a WILLING burden, one I am happy to bear. Do I get frustrated with my kid sometimes? DUH. Who doesn’t. But to imply that motherhood is such a shitty experience that I clearly need to drown my sorrows with wine is just angering. I love being a mother, and like everything, it has it’s shit moments. Glad to know I’m not alone in not finding these memes funny!

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  6. What an interesting post, I always see these post but don’t really take that much notice as I know myself and friends don’t drink daily, so believe that most Mum’s aren’t hitting the bottle every night.

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