My Top 10 Must Have Items for New Mums

Whether you’re an expectant or new mum, or just need gift ideas for that mama to be, shopping for a new baby can be a mine field.   It can be especially difficult shopping for mums like me.  I didn’t know what I wanted at all until right near the end of my pregnancy.  Five months down the line, I find I am regularly having to buy things for Zosia that we could have asked for before she arrived so,  I am going to share with you the top 10 items that I wish I had asked for but now I cannot live without.

Items for £50 or less:

Baby Moov Cosy Dream:

This has been a godsend. It helps to put your mind at rest whilst baby sleeps in their cot. It provides an extra layer of cushioniness that helps to prevent baby rolling over in their sleep and helps minimise any flat head your baby may experience by laying on their backs.

Buy here

Baby Moov Cosy Dream.  Copyright of Monsterful Mama.

Milestone Cards:

This was a gift from my sister and I absolutely love these milestone cards. They are a great way to share your babies progress as they reach important dates and development stages. I have been using them regularly since Zosia was born and they are so cute. They are well designed to be used for either a boy or a girl and if your mummy to be hasn’t already bought them for herself, they will make a great gift idea for a cheap baby shower gift.

Buy here

Milestone Cards. Copyright of Monsterful Mama.

Nuby Chewbies Teether:

These little teething dummies are great for when baby starts teething.  For Zosia it helps stop her chewing her hands and even though she is not cutting any teeth yet, training her to chew it now will help us in the long run.  She loves being able to hold onto it herself and practices putting it back in her mouth.

Buy here


Bright Starts Activity Gym:

This was a late purchase for us but we are so glad we bought it. Zosia took a little while to figure it out but now she loves it.   At first her arms weren’t long enough to reach, but I believe you can buy extra links and different toys etc.  She plays with all of the toys that dangle down.  She just loves to swat at the jingly owl.

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Bright Starts Activity Gym. Copyright of Monsterful Mama

Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer:

This has been very useful when one of us is out.  I can put Zosia in the chair to entertain herself whilst I cook dinner or do the washing up etc.  Now, of course I never leave her alone, the chair is light and is easily transportable to whichever room I need to work in.  It has a vibrate function for calming baby and has been known to help Zosia drift off to sleep at times.

Buy here



Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer. Copyright of Monsterful Mama.

Fisher-Price Giraffe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat:

This is another recent purchase for us and we are so pleased with it.  The moment Zosia sat in this cute little chair our hearts exploded.  I cannot believe how quickly she has grown up.  It is helping to strengthen her core so that she can easily sit up unaided.  For us it is preparing her for the next stage in feeding as it comes with a tray as well..  Once she is able to sit up we will begin weaning her.  We are very much in love with this chair and how much she loves it.  Smiles for days!

Buy here

Fisher-Price Giraffe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat. Copyright of Monsterful Mama.

Nipple Shields:

Now, I know I said I would include items I cannot live without but these are something I regret not buying. Many of my breastfeeding mummies have raved about how these helped them in the early stages of breast feeding and man, do I feel silly for not getting them. They will help relieve nipple pain during those first few weeks and trust me, they come highly recommended.

Buy here

The Expensive Bits:


Snuzpod Bedside Crib:

The safer way to co-sleep.  We love this.  It’s been a fantastic bit of kit.  The little window on the side is great.  I love waking up to see her little face staring back at us.  It means that she rarely wakes up crying because she can interact with us and we can easily check on her from the comfort of our bed.  The sleeper part is also easy to transport.  We bring it downstairs every day so that Zosia is never alone.  When she has a nap she is with us.  You can easily rock it with your foot (on hard floors) which is also very handy if the TV startles her awake or something.  Although it will not last us much longer, we still believe it to be one of our best purchases out of the bunch.

Buy here

Snuzpod Bedside Crib. Copyright of Monsterful Mama.


Tommy Tippee Bottle Steriliser:

A very handy bit of kit.  Comes with bottles and a cleaning brush.  It only takes a few minutes and is easy to clean and to load.

Buy here


Graco Milestone Car Seat:

This seat is an absolute must have. It can be a bit tricky to navigate in a hurry but it will last until your child is 12 years old, which in the UK is the new law. It has lots of padding so it is comfortable and protective and when they are older you can turn it forward facing and provide them with a cup holder. It may be expensive but it is worth it for your child’s safety in the car.

Buy here



These are my top 10 items for new or expecting mummies.  Let me know what you think.  Is there any item you couldn’t live without?

Monsterful Mama



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12 thoughts on “My Top 10 Must Have Items for New Mums

  1. Totally agree with the nipple shields!! I know some new mums are discouraged from using them because of nipple confusion but I wouldn’t have been able to manage to breastfeed my first without them! Really useful list for new Mums!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. we had most of these things but different brands the only thing that was exactly the same is the activity gym my son loved it when he was a new born. I don’t think we could have survived those first few months with out a pacifier#TriumphantTales

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would have loved the bedside crib when I had the Little Man, also I wish I’d had the milestone cards too. This is a great little list. Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!

    Liked by 1 person

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