What is a numpty anyway?

So I recently made a post on a Facebook group about sharing my new blog.  I said something along the lines of being a sleep deprived numpty and someone asked me what that meant.  So for anybody not from England or the UK, it basically means a silly person; a wally, a doughnut or a numpty!  The English language can be a funny one and this lead me to thinking about other words that mean something in the UK but might be completely meaningless to anyone else.  Most of these words are dated, as in we don’t tend to use them much anymore, unless were trying to be polite of course but this could be fun!

say what

Cack:  something that isn’t very good.  “This is cack mate!”

Chuffed: to be happy with the outcome of something.  “I was so chuffed with my new painting.”

Cheesy: something that is a bit tacky or outdated. “This movie is so cheesy!”

Dearie/Darling: a term of endearment.  “Your baby is such a darling!”

Fanny: this has several meanings.  It can be a term of endearment – “Alright Fanny-Anne?” It can mean stop being idle and get on with it. “Stop fannying about and finish your homework.” Or it is used as another word for ladies genitals.  I don’t think we need it in a sentence here!

NOTE – A fannypack or bumbag is a bag/belt/purse thing worn around the waist.

Faff: another word for being idle. “Stop faffing and start packing!”

Gobbledegook: nonsense.  Something with an unclear meaning. Also refers to some TV program from the 80’s/90’s- Goobledegook, Gobbledegook, that the way the talky turks!  “He is talking absolute gobbledegook, he’s not making any sense!”

Gibberish: nonsense again.  “Anyone know what he is trying to say? He is talking gibberish!”

Hogwash/Poppycock: nonsense similar to gobbledegook.  “It’s all a lie.  He is speaking absolute hogwash!”  “What a load of poppycock!”

Muggy: a word that means it is humid weather.  “It’s proper muggy heat today!”

Wee:  two meanings – wee as in something small or wee as in need to urinate.  “What a bonny wee lass she was.” Or “I was busting for a wee, I nearly wet myself.”

There are so many I could go on for days! If you can think of anymore, add them in the comments.

I’m thinking this might make an interesting bullet journal page.   I already have a spread for beautiful words.  Watch this space!

Monsterful Mama

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